The Avastar settings Panel

Avastar-2 comes with a huge amount of functionality and options. This can be very overwhelming for beginners and occasional Users. So we have added a settings panel from where you can make the Avastar panels less cluttered for newbies and occasional users while the advanced users and expert still can get the full option set.

You find the Settings Panel in The Tool Shelf (in the Vertical Avastar Tab, see image) The User interface settings are:

  • Basic: Good for newbies and occasional usage. Displays the most important options (This is the default setting for a new installation)
  • Advanced: Good for Blender safe users who mostly work with Human characters (no joint offsets)
  • Expert: Users who do special characters, or who are doing extraordinary things which go well beyond what average users ever will do with the tool set.
  • Experimental: Really special stuff, mostly for trying out things or preparing stuff that will show up in future releases.

Workflow Presets

We have identified 4 very common usage cases (workflows) for Avastar. We have added 4 Workflow Presets which take care to adjust the panel options of various panels in a best possible way so you do not need to do all the settings on your own:

  • Skin & Weight: is used when you want to do weight painting on your Mesh. This preset will enable the SL Bones and also unblocks their rotation setting so that you can rotate the bones for testing your weights.
  • Pose & Animation: is used for all your animation work. This preset enables the green control bones which are optimized for your Animation tasks. This is also the default preset forAvastar.
  • Retarget: is used when yuo want to import another Animation from a BVH file.
  • Joint Edit: is used when you want to edit the Bone’s Rest poses, for example when you create a non human character
These Presets are not active states of the user interface. They just set a bunch of attributes in the best possible sense. So for example when you press the Skin & Weight, then only the related properties are set for you but you are not trapped in a Skinning State.

However we mark the last clicked Preset button with a small yellow dot. But beware: This means only this preset was called last. It has no other meaning!


Avastar Preferences

The Avastar Preferences is actually a shortcut to the Avastar Addon Preferences where you can setup some Addon parameters. Normally you do not want to change anything here. However especially if you are a long time user or someone who knows much about Blender, then you possibly can make Avastar work better for you by adjusting the options in that panel.